How to Break Into Your Car Safely: 3 Things You Should Know

how to break into your car

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In this post, we will provide some tips on how to break into your car safely without damaging the doors or locks. It’s an annoying and inconvenient experience, especially if you have a child or pet trapped inside. But don’t panic! Breaking into your car doesn’t have to be a stressful situation.

So, how to break into your car safely, you ask.

Tip 1: Call the Police or Fire Department

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If a child or pet is trapped inside a car, call the police or fire department to get them out as quickly as possible. In many cases, they can use specialized tools that are designed for this purpose and will know how to open the door without causing any damage. 

Most cops carry with them a strong inflatable airbag that can be used to open a door and access the lock. If you can get hold of one of these bags, it can be used to safely and successfully open most cars provided that you follow instructions carefully and use it properly.

Tip 2: Don’t Rush

Unnecessarily rushing the process of retrieving your keys from a locked vehicle can end up creating more harm than good. An emergency may call for hasty measures, but anytime you find yourself looking for a solution in your car next time, it’s best to practice patience and be mindful of each step. That way, you’ll reduce the chance of accidentally damaging existing locks or doors while you frantically grapple with getting inside. It pays off to take every moment as an opportunity to develop strategies that can save both material goods and mental well-being.

Tip 3: Call a Professional Locksmith

A professional emergency locksmith service can quickly help you out of this jam. Calling a locksmith when you are locked out of your car provides numerous benefits that make the investment worth it. 

First, a locksmith will have the specialized tools and expertise to quickly open your car without causing any damage. A professional locksmith can also help if you need to replace lost, stolen, or broken car keys. They can quickly make a new key that is the same as your original one and provide you with a spare if necessary.

Luckily for you, you came to the right place, at Mobile we offer emergency locksmith services 24/7,  and most importantly, we know exactly how to break into your car, all you have to do is give us a call and we’ll be on our way to provide help and get you back in that driver’s seat.


Breaking into your car doesn’t have to cause stress or panic when done correctly. We hope our tips help make this process much easier for you next time you find yourself locked out of your vehicle! With these tips in mind, you should now feel confident in knowing how to break into your car safely! And if you are ever in need of efficient automotive locksmith services, you’re just a call away from getting the best help there is, so contact us today!