How to Unlock a Car Door Without a Key – 4 Simple Tips for Success

how to unlock a car door without a key

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Have you ever been in the unfortunate situation of finding yourself locked out of your car? Great news: there’s no need to break a window! If you’ve ever needed to know how to unlock a car door without a key you’re in the right place. With a few helpful tricks and techniques, you can access your car’s interior within minutes and not worry about leaving anything behind. Fear not— scan the tips below, pick one that best suits your scenario, and get ready to open that door. Your car seat is calling!

Unlock with String or Fishing Line

how to unlock a car door without a key

For manual locks, fashion a loop in the middle of the string and work it into the door’s opening. Once the loop is securely hooked onto the locking mechanism, simply pull up on it until you hear a click that signals that the lock has been opened. This method works best if your string is thin enough to fit through very tight spaces like cracks around windows or doors.

Unlock with a Wedge and Coat Hanger

how to unlock a car door without a key

If you have access to a slim but sturdy tool that can act as a wedge, this method might be just what you need! Start by pulling the top of the door frame out with some kind of pry tool (like scissors or tweezers) then slide your wedge to keep it propped open. Then take a skinny rod such as a coat hanger and use it to push down on either side of the unlock button until you hear another click signaling that it has been unlocked. 

Use Your Windshield Wiper

If by chance one of your windows is slightly open, try maneuvering your windshield wiper into the interior of the car. From there, use it to either grab hold of your keys if they were left inside on the seat or hit an unlock button on one side of the door depending on which type of vehicle you drive. Unfortunately, this method only works if you happened to leave your window slightly ajar.

Call A Professional Locksmith

Of course, if all else fails you could always call in professional help from an experienced locksmith who will be able to get into your vehicle promptly and safely without causing any damage. At Mobile Locksmith we offer professional emergency locksmith services 24/7 that are always reliable and affordable!


  • String
  • Fishing Line
  • Wedge
  • Coat Hanger
  • Thin Rod
  • Windshield Wiper


No matter how careful we are, getting locked out of our cars happens occasionally – but thankfully there are plenty of methods available for unlocking them without having access to keys! From homemade solutions such as string or fishing line for manual locks to calling in professional assistance from experienced automotive locksmiths like us here at Mobile – there’s something for everyone when it comes time to unlock their car doors without any keys at all! Keep these tips in mind next time you find yourself locked out – so that you can regain entry back into your vehicle as quickly and easily as possible!